35 seconds of eye contact were an eternity. Furthermore after trying to make an argument. The blue-eyed adman knew it. I knew it. He practiced the art of non-blinking until he mastered 2 minutes of inexpressive, focused, tearless look.

I knew that any proposition -any- ended with that look. I knew that any pathos became weak when reached the peak of silence and eye scrutiny.

So i drew on dark glasses and focused on his right corner of his mouth. I knew he was left-handed; as if that meant some obscure -but positive- relation between sides and persuasion.

37 seconds later he said “you are not the one for the job. Thank you”. The he jumped up next to me and offered a handshake. I babbled some vocals. The blue-eyed adman smiled for the first time in the 3 minutes long interview.

“The butterflies you feel in your stomach right now are just a stress response. You are too emotional”, he ended.

I thanked and left.