Some people will go for the fame and fortune. Some will go just for the truth. I decided to couple them -fame and truth- in the Rolling Stone interview at the end of the farewell concert. Strange mixture, i thought.

It will sound rough, wild, like a stripper in a stag party saying “i love you”, the instant i explain that i am a rockstar that cannot sing.

What the hell. I decided to risk my celeb reputation as lead singer of The People´s Voice the day i had the epiphany on stage.

I remember the crowd was roaring my given name and i thought about the group´s name. Six years ago, aged 45, funding The People´s Voice made me a trend bomber. But there was something in the name that overwhelmed my bad singing abilities all the time.

Will i explain the interviewer about the tiny device concealed in my larynx?

Will the Rolling Stone journalist envision me as an oxymoron? or just a moron?

Nonetheless i was called to be president.

Waiting backstage he didn´t watch the show. Not even hear my final words, renouncing the rockstar´s fame and fortune to create a better living country. But that didn´t shock me.

- Hi Rockstar, he said.

And the world came stumbling down. Fate was against me. This shocked me: It was my college best friend. He knew me, very well. I knew him.

Then, i panic.