I sat at the piano with a clear idea on my mind. Beyond the track listed. The lullaby was perfect for the announcement, i thought. Two notes, three. The same chords i played when the epiphany occurred.

Being the lead singer of The People´s Voice allowed me some creative liberty on stage. So i rearranged the lyrics of our hymn “people´s voice”. While the crowd sang the chorus -“when you hear the people´s voice, you reply. You react”- i whispered my retirement from the music business to run for president.

I felt like floating. John Jonh stopped caressing the drums and Flash Paul gave me a sustained C flat chord. Somehow, i felt distress for an instant.

I will be the voice of the people without a voice…” i said. And the crowd replied “when you hear the people´s voice, you reply. You react”.

I yelled “I will be… your voice!

It´s like magic, i thought, following Flash Paul new riffs into our last song for that night.

The epiphany of converting myself into the most trusted politician running for the presidency was a wild shot. Even more if i was revealing my prop to sing.

How will the boys of the band receive the idea? John John ´s “Salute, mr. president” to the journalist said much about that.

The band”, i introduced the guys to my friend journalist. “Hi all”, he said.

He is a reputed journalist from Rolling Stone magazine…” i said, then gasp. “And an old college friend.”

The guy who will convert you a sacred-upright-politician” said John John while pointing one of his sticks to him. “And who will tell the real truth about the Rockstar”, said Flash Paul with sloth and contempt.

Actually, i need your help, guys”, said Denis. Did i told you that was his nickname form school? “The Populist Party has appointed me as their presidencial candidate for the next elections and i need…” expectation in the air. “…the support of the people´s voice” i ended his phrase.

Roberto-Gonzalo-Mario-José kept silent, as usual. John John played with his drum sticks against the walls, nervously; Flash Paul uncovered his head of the grey towel while his hands were still shaking because of the riffs -at least that i thought-.

Funny coincidence”, i said. “I just announced my music retirement to become the real people´s voice… i will become your next president, pal…” Flash Paul offered us a sip of a recently opened champaign bottle. The gesture seemed to me as fragile as our friendship; but it was needed. The band -certainly- hate-liked my decision. Leaving the band was a downturn. Economically. Socially.

So, The People´s Voice wants to be the people´s voice?”, said Denis. We all looked at each other, except for Flash Paul who said -firmly but melancholically- “this is the transition of the best band into the worst political affair…”

I was called, i had this epiphany, on stage. I will be the most trusted politician around. I and will be your next president…”, i said.

“…bullshit bingo”, said Flash Paul.

Rockstar popularity does not build your political record.”, Denis argued.

Popularity is the name of the game in this country of leaderships not structures nor political parties…”, i said.

Denis raised his hand. “I have an idea”, he said. “You have the followers -i give you that, in spite of my readers- but i have the party´s support needed to register any aspiring candidate … let´s merge our ideas in my candidacy!”.

“…more bullshit bingo”, said Flash Paul.

At that point, Roberto-Gonzalo-Mario-José decided to leave the room. Perhaps his english was too basic to follow us; perhaps his solely interest was bass playing. “Besides, pure patriotism is an ephemeral motive…” Denis said.

But chances are the real motives”, i said. “And chances are with the popular option when each individual vote values as one. Better yet -in your own lingo- let´s merge your ideas in the candidacy of The People´s Voice”.

Denis was silent. I sensed his doubts. “Its a matter of identity. Do you have one?” i asked. “Because mine is solid. A winner. I have the ideal profile…”

Except for that little secret”, Denis said.

Well, people hate virtue, Denis. You should know that”, Flash Paul said while grasping the bottlle´s neck in a menacing act. I smiled thinking in FP´s loyalty. Intimidating the first opposition found wasn´t a trustworthy beginning for my political career.

Let´s settle for a unique candidacy”, i said. “We will decide later on who the best candidate is; in the meantime, let´s do the interview…”

Again i felt doubts in Denis. Nevertheless, i felt doubts too. What if Denis decided to promote a singing debate? a karaoke? Sighs.

First question: talk me about the device in your larynx”, Denis opened fire.